2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Dynamic Response of magnetorheological fluid tapered Laminated Beams Reinforced with Nano-particles

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Dr. Saman Momeni, Sharif University of Technology (Presenter)
Dr. Abolghassem Zabihollah
Dr. Mehdi Behzad

Non-uniform laminated composite structures are being usedin many engineering applications wherethe structures are subjectedto unpredicted vibration. To mitigate the vibration response of these structures, recently, magnetorheological fluid (MR), is added to non-uniform (tapered) thickness laminated composite structures to achieve a new generation of the smart composite asMR tapered beam. However, due to the nature of MR fluid, especially the low stiffness, MR tapered beamexhibit lower stiffness and in turn, lower natural frequencies. To achieve the basic design requirements of the structure without MR fluid, one may need to apply a predefined magnetic energy to the structures, requiring a constant source of energy. In the present work, a passive initial stiffness control ofMR tapered beamhas been studied. The effects of adding nanoparticles on the dynamic response of MR tapered beamhas been investigated. It is observedthat adding nanoparticlesup to 3% may significantly modify the natural frequencies of the structures and achieve dynamic behavior of the structures before addition of MR fluid. Two Models of tapered structures have been takeninto consideration. It is observedthat adding only 3% of nanoparticles backs the structures to its initial dynamic behavior.