2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Potential Incorporation of Saline Water into Portland Cement Concrete

Ms. Dalia Ibrahim, The American University in Cairo
Ms. Mariam Abdel Wahed, American University in Cairo
Mr. Mahmoud Abo Khazana
Mr. Mostafa Farouk, AUC
Mr. Mohamed Aly, AUC
Mr. Athnasious Ghaly, American University in Cairo
Ms. Reem Abou Ali
Mr. Magdi Madi, The American University in Cairo
Mr. Mayer Farag, The American University in Cairo
Mr. Moustafa El Assaly, Mr
Dr. Mohamed N. Abou-Zeid, The American University in Cairo (Presenter)

Fresh water scarcity is one of the major concerns in the world nowadays due to amid global warming and rapid increase of population. The population is escalating significantly and is expected to reach its critical peak by 2050 leaving 2.8 billion people in 48 countries facing water scarcity. Against this background, this study investigates the potential incorporation and feasibility of replacing fresh water with seawater as mixing water as well as curing water in concrete manufacturing. To meet this objective, various mixtures were prepared with various levels of strengths while incorporating different corrosion protection measures to minimize steel corrosion. The properties of the concrete are evaluated through fresh tests as slump, unit weight, air content and temperature, mechanical properties namely compressive strength and flexural strength and accelerated corrosion testing through impressed voltage method. A feasibility study is conducted to quantify the cost savings resulting from replacing freshwater with seawater in mixing and curing concrete. This work is expected to achieve better understanding of concrete behavior when seawater is incorporated. The study will attempt to identify measures for careful incorporation of sea water into concrete. A case study for an actual mega project in a coastal area is presented to highlight the pros and cons for such incorporation and the potential feasibility attained.