2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference


Dr. M. Hossein K. Jamali, ASU (Presenter)
Dr. Avi Wiezel, ASU

The research question addressed in this paper is: “How much does an individual's relationship with the boss influence his/her relationships with peers, subordinates, and others that contribute to the individual’s success?” Current literature focuses exclusively on the boss (direct supervisor), but overlooks other contributors that add to the success of the individual. In this research, other contributors - referred to as stakeholders - are also studied. It examines the correlation between quality and importance of the relationship, as well as the time an individual spends with each stakeholder. This research analyzes the influence of the boss-employee relationship (BER) by using a self-diagnostic exercise called “Who’s on Your Molecule” (WOYM). In this work, we collected WOYM data through leadership seminars offered by the Construction Industry Institute, which is a consortium of owner, engineer-contractor, and supplier firms from the public and private sectors (CII). Data for this research was collected from 327 project personnel at a level commensurate with Project Manager (PM) or assistant PM. Participants were from 16 companies that are members of the Construction Industry Institute. The data for the research was collected using a unique data-collection method embedded in leadership seminars offered by the CII. Results show that contrary to expectations set up in the literature, the boss-employee relationship is not a driving factor in other employee relationships. Additional variables and findings are also seen to influence overall quality of relationships of an employee in the workplace.