2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Lean Design in construction industry: From theory to practice

Mrs. hafsa chbaly, école de technologie supérieure (Presenter)
Dr. Forgues Daniel, Ecole de technologie supérieure
Mrs. Samia Ben Rajeb , COLLAEB - Université libre de Bruxelles

While Lean Design originates from Toyota Production System, it has been implemented to the construction industry in order to maximize value of customers and to reduce waste through providing a better alignment between architectural solutions and customers’ needs and requirements. However, such an alignment is difficult to reach when the project is complex due to the involvement of different stakeholders in the design process.

This paper provides a literature review of over 70 published research articles regarding Lean Design through the last ten years from 2007 to 2018. The review is based on, first, a comparison between different definitions and terminologies presented by authors, and second, on an analysis of how Lean Design methods and tools are applicable to the construction industry. Two main issues have been identified and exposed in this literature review.

Indeed, there is still a gap between theory and practice in relation to the context of construction industry. One aspect of this gap is reflected by the lack of a standard definition of what Lean design means. Another aspect is the lack of consensus on a clear terminology of Lean Design. In fact, we found four different terminologies: Lean Design, Lean Design Management, Lean Design Process and Lean Design and Construction. In addition, there is a lack of alignment between the objectives of Lean Design and the methods or tools used in practice. This is partly due to the fact that methods and tools of this approach often come directly from the manufacturing industry, without having a clear explanation about how they could be implemented in a practical context or adapted to the design process.

Thus, the main contribution of this research consists in providing the reader with a comprehensive state of the art on Lean Design and an analysis and discussion about the limitations and challenges facing current applications of Lean Design in the construction sector.

Key Words: Lean Design, Lean Design Process, Lean Design and Construction, Lean Design Management