2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Developing a Constructability Implementation Framework for Transportation Projects

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Mr. Adi Al-Smadi, The University of Kansas
Dr. Dan Tran , University of Kansas (Presenter)

A constructability review process (CRP) is a systematic approach for reducing design errors, disputes and claims, and cost and schedule escalations throughout the project development process. Current approaches to CRP vary among state departments of transportation (DOTs). Some state DOTs, such as California, Indiana, and Washington DOTs, utilize formal constructability approaches that utilize special teams, resources, and lessons learned while implementing constructability. Other state DOTs employ informal approaches that incorporate partial constructability considerations as part of their processes. Consistent approaches for selecting, evaluating, and implementing constructability reviews across state DOTs is essential to reduce cost and schedule overruns. This study introduces a decision-making framework for constructability implementation to assist state DOTs effectively and efficiently perform constructability reviews for their highway projects. The framework composes of three main levels: (1) Project information level- using a combination of related factors to select a CRP for each project, (2) Constructability processing level- incorporating probabilistic assessment of constructability related issues to evaluate their impact on the anticipated project cost, time, and risks, and (3) Implementation level- developing a guideline to assess agencies in implementing the framework. To develop the framework, the authors collect and analyze data related to current constructability programs from 50 state DOTs in the U.S. The outcome of this study will help decision makers determine the most appropriate means to incorporate construction knowledge into CRPs.