2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

An experience-based spatial design framework using VR technology: a case study of designing an office layout

Mr. MUN ON WONG, The University of Hong Kong (Presenter)
Ms. Jia Du
Mr. Haoyang Liang
Mr. Zhiqian ZHANG
Mr. Zhen-Jie ZHENG, The University of Hong Kong
Ms. Qingqing FENG, the University of Hong Kong
Dr. Sang Hoon Lee

Office layout design has a significant impact on the communication, concentration, and collaboration of workers, which contribute towards the overall productivity. Two-dimensional (2D) drawings with relevant renderings are commonly used as a traditional approach by architects to demonstrate spatial design plans to clients. However, the limited information provided by the 2D drawings may cause clients to misunderstand the spatial relationships and further make a wrong assessment. To address this issue, Virtual Reality (VR) technology is identified as a potential solution in virtue of its capabilities for the immersive experience and interactive design. This research then proposes an experience-based spatial design framework using VR technology, which aims to enhance the 3D visualization and participatory evaluation during the conceptual design phase. In addition, the proposed framework is able to imitate the real-life activities in the VR environment, such as finding a seat, working with computers, and communicating with co-workers, to help clients evaluate different design plans interactively. In this research, a case study of designing spatial layouts of a research student center (RSC) is conducted to implement the proposed framework. Three different spatial design plans of the RSC are developed and presented to the students in the virtual environment. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed framework, this research carries out a comparative experiment to compare it with the traditional approach. It is believed that this framework can promote better user experience and higher clients’ participation.