2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Integrated Building Design and Energy Simulation

Ms. Coleen Dorey
Mr. Mojtaba Valinejadshoubi, Concordia University
Dr. Ashutosh Bagchi, Concordia University, Canada (Presenter)

Energy consumption in buildings constitute a significant portion of the total energy demand in Canada (about 40%). While the design and construction of energy efficient buildings is gaining momentum, it is important to have an integrated process for the design.  The present article focuses on the integrated design process, especially at the conceptual phase to account for energy efficiency and adoption of renewable energy in buildings. The research is divided into three sections or phases.  Phase one includes the optimization of the design of a single-family home in Montreal based on the following criteria; space, aesthetics, energy performance and cost.  Each of the above criteria was evaluated over 22 designs and the importance of each category weighted according to public opinion.  As a result, cost was considered as the most important category (weighting of 30%), followed by space (28%), energy performance (25%) and aesthetics (17%).  The top three designs totaling the highest cumulative scores are further evaluated in phase two.  Phase two, includes a detailed analysis of the building envelope, incorporating current market materials and following the insulating requirements of the Quebec Construction Code (Amended from the National Building Code of Canada 2010).  Using Autodesk Revit, an energy analysis was conducted, and the top performing building was selected for further analysis and improvements.  Characteristics of the top performing building include, simple building geometry, a brick façade, majority of the windows located on the North and South façade, and a hip roof over the living area with a flat roof over the garage.  The energy analysis results are carried over to phase three, where the possibility of renewable and sustainable energy saving techniques are explored to reduce the external energy required to meet the demand of the building.