2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities

2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities Conference

A Unified Knowledge-based Contractor Prequalification Methodology for the Egyptian Construction Industry

Mr. Ibrahim Abotaleb, The American University in Cairo (Presenter)
Mr. Ahmed Alkady, Cairo University

Contractor prequalification is an important process that plays a significant role in ensuring successful construction projects. Since the construction industry in Egypt has been booming after two political revolutions, contractor prequalification is becoming more and more essential as it ensures the tenders are targeted to the proper contractors; thus focusing the efforts on the fittest competing firms. The prequalification process is usually managed by project managers assigned by the clients. By interviewing professional experts and studying the different prequalification processes and criteria of various Egyptian project management firms, It was highly noticed that almost all of them are made on ad hoc basis with no strong academic or professional grounds as the currently used criteria are poorly understood. This paper presents the results of an extensive research that concludes by providing a unified prequalification methodology for the Egyptian construction industry. The methodology is divided into four sections. Section 1 identifies and describes the proper criteria for evaluation. Section 2 proposes the appropriate weighing of criteria for different project types and sizes. Section 3 explains objectifying and unifying the scoring approach of each of the criteria. Section 4 provides the final scoring formula and decision-making assistance.