2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities

2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities Conference

Response of liquid storage steel tanks under wind load

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Ms. Maryam Rafieeraad, Ryerson University (Presenter)
Dr. M. Reza Kianoush, Ryerson University
Mr. Bassam Halabieh

Circular storage steel tanks are widely used for storing liquids such as oil, water, agricultural waste and other types of liquids. Such tanks are extremely vulnerable to failure due to buckling while being under construction. At this stage, they are empty with no roof to cause a degree of restraint. As a result, tank walls which are relatively thin are very susceptible to buckling under high wind pressures. Extensive numerical analysis has been conducted using ABAQUS, a non-linear finite element software to investigate the behavior of a failed steel tank in Alberta due to wind load. Internal wind suction is concluded to be the main reason for buckling of the steel tank causing large displacements at the top of the tank. The results were obtained by gradually increasing the magnitude of external wind pressure “q” until the occurrence of failure. In addition, severe yielding that occurred at the base of the structure is attributed to insufficient anchorage at the base of the tank while being under construction. The results of this study shows that yielding of steel can be eliminated by using adequate anchorage at the base. Practical design recommendations are also made to prevent the buckling of thin walled cylindrical tanks under high wind loads. These include providing stiffeners at the top of the tank as well as an internal circumferential bracing system