2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities

2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities Conference

Analysis of RC circular bridge columns retrofitted with fiber reinforced polymer under axial and lateral cyclic loading

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Mr. Anant Parghi, The University of British Columbia (Presenter)

In the last decades non-metallic fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) materials developed as a practical alternative material for manufacturing reinforcement for concrete structures. The novelty of the composite material lies in its outstanding mechanical properties, low weight, and satisfactory durability even in an aggressive environment. These properties effectively utilized to enhance the safety of various civil infrastructures. However, the monotonic and lateral cyclic behavior of FRP composites sheet retrofitted reinforced concrete (RC) bridge columns has been investigated extensively, but analytical knowledge needs to be enhances, especially in the area of different FRP retrofitted bridge columns under lateral load. The objective of this study is to investigate analytically the effectiveness of different retrofitting techniques in upgrading the seismic performance of non-ductile RC bridge columns. The quasi-static cyclic analysis and non-linear static pushover analysis is conducted for the case studies. The seismic performance of the studied columns is evaluated in terms of load carrying capacity, flexural ductility, hysteric behavior and energy dissipation of capacity under quasi-static cyclic load along with constant axial load. The analysis results is verified based on available existing quasi-static cyclic test results and the analysis provides good agreements with the experimental results.