2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities

2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities Conference

Recycling concrete construction and demolition wastes: A proposed financial feasibility model

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Mr. Omar Farahat, American University in Cairo (Presenter)
Dr. Samer Ezeldin, AUC

The construction industry is a very dynamic field. Every day new technologies and methods are invented to speed up the process and increase its efficiency. This paper examines the recycling of concrete construction and demolition (C&D) waste to reuse it as aggregates in other structural applications for projects in the Middle East. This study focuses on the technical and financial components of concrete recycling plants emphasizing on the three main types of concrete recycling plants; stationary, mobile and traditional plant settings  according to capacity, production rate, country of origin, etc.

These findings are gathered and grouped to obtain a comprehensive cost-benefit financial model to demonstrate the feasibility of constructing a concrete recycling plant in the Middle East. The type currently being implemented is the traditional one; however, according to the calculations of the model presented in this research, the mobile type has generated the most profits among the other types, stationary and traditional. Furthermore, a sensitivity analysis is conducted to provide verification on the model. The exercise of the sensitivity analysis is a change in parameters and then the results are logically tested to verify the correctness of the model by iterating the expense with the highest impact by -20%, -10%, 10% and 20%. The sensitivity analysis showed that administrative, salaries and cost of goods sold expenses had the most impact on the model.

Moreover, a developed user friendly model specialized to forecast revenues, expenses and profits is available in softcopy to be used by any user to help him/her in taking decisions related to his/her investment. This guides investors and contactors to choose the suitable and most profitable type of equipment based on the project type.