2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities

2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities Conference


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Mr. Hongliang Wang, City of Edmonton, Calgary (Presenter)
Mr. Sid Lodewyk, City of Edmonton, Canada
Ms. Liliana Malesevic, City of Edmonton

CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) has negative impacts on the environment due to the pollutants contained in the diluted sanitary flow carried to the river. CSO to the river may have acute effects for the river downstream of the discharge point. About 80% of the annual CSO discharge from the city is from the Rat Creek CSO. The City of Edmonton’s Drainage Services has developed a long-term capital works implementation plan to reduce the environmental impacts of the City’s combined sewer system. The CSO Control Strategy will mitigate the environmental impacts of Edmonton’s combined sewer system. The CSO control plan includes an early action plan and a long term control plan. The main component of the Early Action Control Plan (EACP) involves the mobilization of in-line system storage through the “Real Time Control” of moveable gates/dams. Two real time control gates, RTC4&6, were built in 2002 and 2004, respectively.  Another real time control gate, RTC3 has just built and currently under operational. Since RTC4&6 were built, a total of 3,615,376 m3 flow has been prevented from CSO at Rat Creek. The CSO at Rat Creek will be reduced significantly with RTC3’s operation.