2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Field Application of FRP Structural Strengthening Subjected to Excessive Heat and Fire

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Dr. Bahira Abdulsalam, CIISolutons Composite Infrastructure Innovation Solution Corp.
Dr. Ibrahim Mahfouz , Banha University Egypt (Presenter)

In this paper Field application of structres strengthened using FRP systems and subject to heat and fire will be presented. The first case of the strengthening of a reinforced concrete bridge where the FRP layers will be subjected to excessive heat resulting from Environmental effects as well as high tempreature that can reach more than 120 degrees during the application of the asphalt layers. Which is in acsess to the glass transition tempreature of the FRP strengthening system. FRP laminated strips were installed on the top serface of the concrete brige were protected with a 70 mm thick heat protection layer possessing relatively high compressive strength capable of resisting the high intensity of the truck loads. Several heat protection materials where tested, and the one that was chosen was capable of fully protecting the FRP layers. The bridge has been sucsessfully used for a number of years. The paper will also present Field application of fully protecting a number of reinforced concrete columns againest fire. Where the strengthening demands of such columns where close to 100%. Extensive experimental studies were carried out in order to be able to choose the best material which is capable of fully protecting againest fire for a fire duration rating of a period of two hours. The results obtained for the fire protection layer used in this project was proven to be fully protecting the FRP strengthening layers for more than two hours.