2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Experimental study on flexural performance of FRC beam specimens for bridge barrier applications

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Mr. Morteza Fadaee, Ryerson University (Presenter)
Dr. Khaled Sennah, Ryerson University

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) are recently used in structural elements in order to provide with a more cost-effective design. Although specific details have not yet been provided for FRC bridge barriers in the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC), a residual strength index with respect of the post-cracking flexural properties of FRC beam specimens is indicated in CHBDC as an initial step for designing FRC bridge barriers. In this study, two flexural-performance standard tests, namely: ASTM C1399 and ASTM C1609, were carried out as mentioned in CHBDC on FRC beam specimens. The tests provide with the corresponding results for evaluation of the residual strength index required by CHBDC for FRC-reinforced structures. The two tests were conducted on a total of 30 specimens with a size of 200x200x700 mm including three different fiber rates, namely: 0.5%, 1.0% and 1.5%. The results include the average residual strength and modulus of rupture for all specimens for comparison and concluding with an efficient fiber rate for bridge barrier applications.