2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Grout For Two-Stage Alkali Activated Concrete

Mrs. nada zod
Dr. Ahmed Soliman, Concordia University (Presenter)

Production of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) has several negative ecological and environmental impacts. This includes rapid depletion of natural sources and high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Many attempts have been made to find an alternative binder for OPC. Among differently proposed binders, alkali-activated material (AAM) showed promising performance. It is characterized by very low carbon footprint along with low strain on natural resources as it mainly composes of industrial by-products. Therefore, this study investigates the potential of using AAM as a replacement for OPC in different construction applications, especially, two-stage concrete (TSC). Different grout mixtures using slag, as the main precursor, and various activator types and concentrations were prepared. Fresh and hardened properties, including efflux time, setting time and compressive strength, were evaluated for all grout mixtures to ensure fulfilling the requirements for TSC productions. Results confirm the high potential for producing green sustainable TSC using alkali-activated slag grouts. A linear relationship between the compressive strength for grout and TSC was found similar to the conventional OPC TSC. It is anticipated that the finding of this study will pave the way for wider implementation of AAM in different construction applications. 

Key Words: Alkali-Activated Materials, Two-Stage Concrete, Efflux Time, Grout, Compressive Strength