2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Construction Labor Productivity Benchmarking: A Comparison Between On-Site Construction and Prefabrication

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Mr. EMAD NADI, Marquette University (Presenter)

Construction labor productivity has been declining over the past sixty years which has caused a decline in overall construction productivity. The traditional way of managing construction project and its delivery have evolved into an inherently inefficient and adversarial process. There was always a need to improve how the way construction elements are constructed and delivered to the job site. Lean Construction,  an innovative approach was introduced to the construction sector in the last century to improve construction productivity through maximizing value and eliminating waste. Prefabrication is a process of assembling building components in a remote location using a production line in a controlled environment and delivering the parts to the construction site for installation. There have been numerous studies comparing prefabricating construction labor productivity to on-site labor productivity. These comparative studies were conducted at industrial or project levels only but not at the task level. Therefore, the results lack the comparative data analysis which identifies the direct, indirect and idle times which workers spent in both environments.  This research is to address this gap of knowledge by conducting quantitative statistical analysis of construction labor productivity investigating the effect of prefabrication environment on construction labor productivity by comparing prefabricating wall panels to on-site wall panels installation.

The study will provide a better understanding of the factors affecting labor productivity in both environments. The task level comparative analysis presented in this research will inform the construction firms and contractors with the data time allocated by workers in prefabrication and on-site construction, which will assist them to improve the labor productivity and consequently to improve the construction productivity by identifying the deficiency in the construction labor time.