2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Energy and cost impacts of CLT- Cross Laminated Timber tall wood building construction. The case of a 10 storey building in Alberta.

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Dr. Azzeddine Oudjehane, SAIT Polytechnic (Presenter)

The use of CLT - Cross Laminated Timber engineered wood product in major construction projects has continuously increased over the past decade and the global market for CLT products estimated at 556 Million USD is expected to grow at a15% growth rate over the next decade.

Market growth of CLT can be linked to increased demand for sustainable building materials with a low carbon footprint. Recent and upcoming updates to building code in Canada recognize nizing the wood design and construction beyond low rise residential, and the race to construct taller wood mass buildings like the 18 storey residence at the University of BC will support the growth use and application of CLT.

This paper and presentation will focus on a construction project management approach to using CLT. A 10 storey building design is considered and a 3D model is designed with two alternatives for the superstructure: reinforced concrete and CLT. Three different impact analyses for energy consumption, life cycle and cost of both alternatives are developed, and a value management approach is used to benchmark the two designs.

The presentation will aim to deliver the following learning objectives

  • Review the trends for CLT construction in Canada and globally

  • Identify various impacts of CLT in the Construction of a 10 storey building

  • Apply Value Methodology to support sustainable construction projects