2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Implementation of Bridge Bundling Delivery Method: the view from the field

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Mr. Mamdouh Mohamed, University of Kansas (Presenter)
Dr. Dan Tran , University of Kansas

As many states continue to see an increase in the number of bridges needing attention, awarding two or more bridge projects into a single contract can offer potential savings in resources and time. In addition, this approach is directly benefiting expedient improvements to the aging infrastructure nationwide. Thus, state departments of transportation (DOTs) and local bridge agencies are increasingly using a bridge bundling approach to benefit from the economies of scale and enhance the overall program performance.In essence, bridge bundling incorporates more than one bridge construction/replacement or maintenance/rehabilitation project into one program.

This study explores the current practices of implementing bridge bundling methodology with different types of project delivery and procurement methods. To obtain this goal, data were collected from a literature review and case study projects. Four bridge bundling programs from Missouri DOT, Pennsylvania DOT, Delaware DOT, and Ohio DOT were examined. The research results showed that, compared to single project delivery, bridge bundling offers several advantages such as (1) improving the performance measures of the highway infrastructure asset system,(2) reducing the number of bridges in a poor condition, (3) providing cost saving and improve project schedule, and (4) early starting construction. Further, bridge bundling reduces the burden on agency staff by preparing procurement for one contract, reducing management oversight, and coordinating with one contractor only. Furthermore, this study provides eight typical procedures that bridge agencies can follow to create a bridge bundle. These procedures begin with identifying bridge inventory and performance goals and end with creating a construction bundle.