2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Resilient micropolitan areas in the face of economic shocks: An institutional perspective

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Dr. Cristina Poleacovschi, Iowa State University (Presenter)
Dr. Monica Haddad
Dr. David Peters

Micropolitan areas (between 10,000 and 50,000 people) may experience economic shocks, which threaten their vitality. Factors related to economic shocks can range from local companies leaving a town or national economic crises affecting local economies. This research seeks to identify why certain micropolitan areas recover from an economic shock using the perspective of local micropolitan institutions. Using a case study of one resilient micropolitan area in the Midwest, U.S., researchers have conducted twelve interviews with local stakeholders representing diverse for-profit and government institutions. A grounded theory approach allowed identifying social infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and institutional infrastructure as drivers to promote economic resilience. The research project contributes to a systems approach to city resilience, identifying a range of adaptive capacities for economic resilience such as the importance of infrastructure for business attractiveness, infrastructure for quality of life, and presence of cross-institutional coalitions. This research informs policy makers regarding the importance of a range of holistic factors which are likely to increase the adaptive capacity to economic shocks.