2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Enhancing Planning, Monitoring and Controlling of Road Construction Projects in Egypt Using System Dynamics Methodology

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Dr. Nabil Amer, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo, Egypt (Presenter)
Mr. Ahmed Okasha, Military Technical College
Dr. Amir Arafa, Administrative control authority


In this research, system dynamics methodology is applied to model road construction project in Egypt and represents the effect of changes in time schedule by application of VENSIM software. System dynamics uses stocks, flows, internal feedback loops, table functions and time delay to understand the nonlinear behavior of complex systems over time. It aims to help project managers taking decisions in the highly dynamic environment and assess the performance of project. Also, help minimizing the changes impacts on projects. The introduced model consists of subsystems interacting with each other. Each sub-system contains other small cycles. Factors and cycles integrate with each other to show the project behavior. Also, this model takes into account the effects of schedule pressure, morale, communication congestion, overtime, and experience on the defect rate and productivity. The model is validated by panel of experts in the construction of roads sector. Also, a questionnaire is used for data gathering to feed the model with values of factors and limitation of variables. The results show that system dynamics is better than traditional techniques in planning and controlling the project performance. Integration of system dynamics with the traditional techniques creates advantages for the project manager. In addition, workload is divided and assigned to different companies to simulate the real world and this division is according to the real project division. This division of workload and required operation capacity will increase the productivity of the project and increase complexity of the project. In total, the productivity increased by average 22.23 % along the whole project with elongation in schedule by 8.3 % to overcome the complexity. Finally, Modeling and simulation using system dynamics enables project manager to powerfully estimate the required operation capacity and number of working crews. Hence, the delays in construction projects could be eliminated by good controlling of project using system dynamics methodology.

  • N. H. Amer, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo, Egypt.(nabil_amer63@yahoo.com)
  • A. Okasha, Lecturer Assistant, Civil Engineering department, MTC, Cairo, Egypt. (ahmed.okasha.rady@gmail.com)
  • T. Arafa, Administrative Control Authority, Cairo, Egypt.