2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Impact of Climate Change on Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations and on Waste Allocation Plan of Nile River in Egypt

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Ms. Rawnaa Yassin , American University in Cairo (Presenter)
Dr. Sherine Elbaradei, American University and Nile University

Global warming affects many aspects of life thus affecting ecosystem and water quality in rivers. This research investigates the impact of global warming on dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations in Nile river. The study is done on Nile River in Egypt at three monitoring stations

 A mathematical model was developed to predict air temperatures from 2013 till 2030 and hence predict values of water temperatures and resulting DO concentrations. Furthermore, the effect of global warming on locations of water and waste water treatment plants on river Nile was studied. The study investigated temperatures and DO values in summer (peak discharge of Nile River In Egypt) and in winter (lowest discharge in the Nile in Egypt)

 It was found that values of critical DO concentrations were negatively impacted and thus decreased over the years according to the global warming effects by the following amounts: at Luxor 3.99% in February and 4.26 % in August, at Cairo 4% in February and 4.8% in August and at Alexandria 1.34% in February and 5.16% in August. Furthermore, global warming has a considerable effect on locations of water and waste water treatment plants on rivers and thus on the waste allocation plan.

Keywords: global warming, dissolved oxygen concentration, rivers, water quality, water quality odeling, waste allocation, water treatmet plant, waste water treatment plant.