2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities

2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities Conference

Permanent Fall-Arrest System for Low-Rise Residentials during Service Life

Mr. Kasra Modares, University of Toronto (Presenter)

Falls are the reason behind one out of every five Canadian lives lost to injury-related causes every year. One of the sources of fall accidents, which is often neglected, is falling off the roof of a low-rise building after the construction is over and the structure has entered its service life. Peaked roof houses in particular pose a great falling hazard during maintenance operations due to their sloped surfaces. During the construction of such buildings, this problem is solved by using a fall-arrest system consisting of a quick-mount bracket to which a lifeline is attached, and the worker is tied to it with the lanyard connected to his/her harness. While this solves the problem during the building stage, the system is temporary and is dismantled and removed after the construction is over. The proposed solution is a fall-arrest system integrated into the structure that would be a permanent feature of the house. The design uses a galvanized steel anchor system, placed on the midspan of the peak line of the sloped roof. In order to protect it from strong winds and for aesthetic reasons, it features two hinges on its bases, thus allowing it to be bent down when not in use. The system will provide an anchor point to be used with a human fall-arrest system, while providing fall protection for ladders which might be used to access the roof. As such, it would eradicate the potential hazards from ladder slip & fall, and falling from the sloped roof.