2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities

2015 CSCE Annual Conference Regina - Building on our Growth Opportunities Conference

Using Earth Materials and Simple Techniques for Low Cost Housing

Ms. Mireille Kirolos (Presenter)
Mr. Abd El Raouf Hassan, American University in Cairo
Ms. Asmaa Mohamed
Mr. Hazem El Essawy, The American University in Cairo
Ms. Amira El Sherbiny, The American University In Cairo
Ms. Minass Asaad, The American University in Cairo
Dr. Mohamed Abou-Zeid, The American University in Cairo

Half of Cairo’s 17 million inhabitants live in informal areas at densities of up to 60,000 people per km2. The catch-all label of informal areas has recently been subdivided by government into ‘Unsafe Areas’ in which people’s lives and health are at risk

As a result of the neglect and poverty that they are living in they live in inhumane housing conditions. These materials deteriorate, offer no shelter and have negative effect on their health by time.Earth construction is divided into many techniques and categories its strength is not as high as other bricks but it has lower cost and simpler structural systems.

The scope of research in this paper is to create a system of housing that is healthier, environmental, economical and architectural to replace the inhumane practices and areas that are present now in Egypt. The paper involves recorded results and mechanical characteristics of earth construction (earth bags). The stabilized earth will be divided into different types of soils and using different stabilizers to reach allowable and reasonable strength with the lowest cost and available materials.

The materials used are environmentally friendly and available at hand; the excavated soil, whatever type it is, will be used, along with cement or lime. Many tests are done on the bricks and the soils like sieve analysis, compaction, atter berg limits, hydrometer, compressive strength, absorption test and compression test on a small wall. To demonstrate and compare different systems a small model will be constructed on the university campus.