2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Automated Data Management At Scale – Flexible Platform for Data Integration and Geohazard Analysis

Ms. Suchismitha Vedala
Ms. Rayhaneh Azarm, Canary Systems Canada Inc. (Presenter)

Implementation of a complete and dynamic data management system for handling all the types of geotechnical instrumentation for large project is a challenging task. Canary Systems manages data for projects with thousands of concurrent instruments. The types and quantities of data that are available to help clients understand their operational and safety risks have increased tremendously in recent years.

Technology advancements have introduced many new types of data beyond traditional geotechnical instrumentation, such as automated total stations, TDR, differential GPS, ground-based radar, satellite InSAR, laser scanners, vibration/seismic recorders, environmental sensors such as rainfall or air quality, among others. While the collection of these data is no longer a technical challenge, the danger presented is the integration and management of all the different sources of data into a single reliable system that can not only store the data but also provide flexible visualization and reporting.

Canary System’s web-based software allows infrastructure, dam safety and mining industries to import data from various sources and dynamically update all the related charts and reports. The system supports any number of users to be connected simultaneously, allowing clients and external consultants to work together in a single platform and ensure the project safety in unprecedented fashion. The system can be programmed to immediately inform users of data consistency issues and can flag any data that is outside of the expected ranges, either indicating that maintenance might be necessary, or to inform of geotechnical safety considerations. Detailed and complex custom reports can be produced for each site, where data is carefully reviewed and correlated with the other instrument readings or activities in the area to provide a high level of confidence in the geotechnical performance.