2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal)

2019 CSCE Annual Conference - Laval (Greater Montreal) Conference

Elemental Graph Date Model (EGDM) Significance: Constructability Information Extraction

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Mrs. Yasmeen Essawy, The American University in Cairo (Presenter)
Dr. Khaled Nassar, American University in Cairo

With the rapid increase in complexity in the building industry, professionals in the A/E/C industry were forced to adopt Building Information Modeling (BIM) in order to enhance the communication between the different project stakeholders throughout the project life cycle and create a semantic object-oriented building model that can support geometric-topological analysis of 3D building elements during design and construction.

This research presents a model that extracts topological relationships and geometrical properties of building elements from an existing fully designed Building Information Model (BIM Model), and maps this data into a directed acyclic Elemental Graph Data Model (EGDM). The model incorporates BIM-based search algorithms for automatic deduction of geometrical data and topological relationships for each building element type. Using advanced graph algorithms and artificial intelligence tools, such as Depth First Search (DFS) and topological sorting, possible construction sequences are generated and compared against production and construction rules to generate an optimized construction sequence. The model accounts for any customized user-defined relationships in order to mimic any practical constraints. Finally, the model recommends the Optimized Elemental Construction Method, Schedule & Resources, and, hence, generates 4D BIM models. The model is implemented in a C# platform and validated with the aid of a set of automatically generated test cases.